Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I want my baby back!

Where has my baby gone? I can't find her anywhere.

Unbeknownst to me, my little girl is no more. Just yesterday she wasn't happy (no tears, but not thrilled) when I didn't stay in the cafeteria until her teacher came to get her at morning drop off - a matter of minutes. Yesterday after I picked her up from after-school daycare, she informed me that she wanted to walk to the cafeteria by herself the next morning so I wouldn't have to park and walk in with her.

Today, she insisted again that I just drop her off at the front doors. I did. She put her backpack on, said "love you" and away she went, into the school all by herself!

I am more sad today than I was the first day of school. I'm not ready for this!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1st Day of Kindergarten!

My baby girl is all grown up now. *Tear* Today is her first full day of kindergarten.

Free Play @ Orientation
1st Day - Orientation
Yesterday was orientation for a couple of hours, but today I had to leave her at the school. She made me promise last night that I wouldn't leave if she wasn't okay. I left when she was lined up with her teacher getting ready to go to the classroom. I had to leave. She was okay.

It's hard to see my normally loud outgoing rambunctious child be so quiet and shy and nervous about something new. Even her teacher commented that she seemed much more nervous today. Mainly it's because the kids all meet in the cafeteria. All kids grades K-3 meet in one location, and it gets LOUD! E doesn't like loud noises. Yesterday I couldn't get her to go near the cafeteria, because it was so loud. Today she went in, but she wasn't happy about it.

 I know in time everything will be all routine, and she won't need me to stay. Sadly that will probably be next week!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

1 year later - Progress!

I've made it through my first year in becoming healthier and taking back control of my body. Over all I am satisfied with how far I have come. Obviously I wish I had lost more weight, however, slow but sure is working for me. The website and app I am using is My Fitness Pal (MFP).

Here's what I have done in the last year.

Safe Winter Jacket Use in Carseats

To keep our babies safe, use the thinnest jacket possible under the carseat straps or zip the jacket over the straps. Check out Car-Seat.Org for more info.